Literary Lunch with Sir Vince Cable and Sir John Nott

Richmond Literary Lunches

LOCATION: Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club, Richmond

Lunches are suspended for the forseeable future, in compliance with government regulations.  We sincerely hope it will be possible for lunches to resume in the Spring.


Two knighted ex-MPs, Sir Vince Cable, Sir John Nott, have had extraordinarily interesting lives, but hold differing views.  Engaging them in conversation will provide a rich and lively debate!

John Nott was defence minister at the time of the Falklands invasion, plotting daily with the charismatic Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher. At S G Warburg in the 60s during a period of radical upheaval, revolution in the City. But after meeting Nigel Farage in 1977, whom he greatly admires, John Nott pushed for Brexit.

Vince Cable was business secretary in the 2010-2015 coalition government between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. He fought against Tory colleagues wanting to impose tough economic measures on poorer members of society.