Anne Sebba – A Biographer’s Life

Richmond Literary Dinners

DATE: Thursday 24 February, 2022
LOCATION: Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, Richmond

The next dinner offers a chance to meet renowned biographer Anne Sebba and hear of the extraordinary (and sometimes dangerous) lengths she goes to in order to research new material.  It is not a matter of simply going through the archives.

Anne is a biographer, lecturer, journalist and author of eleven books for adults. Her biography, That Woman, the Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, quickly became a bestseller on publication in Britain in August 2011.

Anne relates how she researched the book: ‘For my study of Wallis Simpson I took myself off to stay with a strange and eccentric man in the wilds of the Mexican desert. Ernest Simpson’s hitherto unknown son. I doubted I’d survive (he had a machete) and there was no mobile phone reception to call for help.’

Tim Battle, Librarian, comments: ‘The less known about the person when writing a biography, the more room there is for fiction. Anne Sebba is the polar opposite; meticulous research is her hallmark.’

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