Queen of Codes: The Secret Life of Emily Anderson

Richmond Literary Lunches

DATE: Tuesday 13 February, 2024
LOCATION: Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, Richmond

We are fortunate to have as our author for our first Lunch in 2024 Professor Jackie Ui Chionna who has written a fascinating biography of Britain’s Greatest Female Codebreaker.

When the history of British codebreaking is told, the story is often a men-only preserve. That perception completely ignores the fact that the vast majority of codebreakers were in fact women. And foremost among them was one who is largely unknown to the public, and whose activities were a secret even to her closest contacts – Emily Anderson.

Emily was a leading member of British intelligence for over three decades. She played key roles in both World Wars, worked in Bletchley Park and in the Middle East, and was reckoned among the top three female codebreakers in the world.

The lunch is held at the Royal Mid-Surrey golf club, Old Deer Park, in a wonderful dining room with a view to Kew Gardens, the Kings Observatory and two golf courses.

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