Create YOUR Inspiring Journey

We like to get to know our clients, understand their personality and interests, and work together to create an inspiring journey which is crafted to meet your specific interests, expectations, and constraints.  We are available at a time and place to suit you.   We have discussions over the phone, or on zoom.  We meet at our office, or casually at Costa Coffee, or over a pint at the Coach & Horses on Kew Green. 

Here is a summary of how we will work with you to create your inspiring journey. 

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We want to know what inspires you. We listen to stories of your favourite holidays, what made them special, and how the holiday connected with your personality and passions. We ask questions that capture your destination ideas and how you imagine the experience. Unsure of the destination? We offer ideas from the places we’ve discovered and the journeys we’ve experienced that will jumpstart your imagination.

No two travellers have the exact same needs, so we want to understand what’s important to you. Group travel or solo? Adventure or relaxation? Renowned spot or off the beaten track? Your unique definition of those things simply can’t be captured in a form, which is why we feel a live conversation is so important to get it right. Please be assured that this consultation is entirely without obligation.

This is where we transform your ideas and dreams into a feasible journey. We develop an initial itinerary, including travel, accommodation, and excursions, all with consideration of your specific needs and desires. It’s not a booking at this stage, simply a preliminary plan to start the discussion from which we collaborate to create your inspiring journey.

We use our own travel experience and expertise to consider the practicalities of the trip, taking account of your time, budget, and any other constraints.

  • We assess how many days you would need to undertake and enjoy the trip.
  • We consider the time of year and potential impacts for your destination.  For example, to avoid a monsoon season, or to enjoy a cultural or sporting festival.
  • We review aspects of the trip that are physically demanding, helping you determine the suitability, or find alternatives.
  • We research any concerns about safety, entry requirements, health, and visa regulations.

Your journey is an experience of the senses, not a to-do list, and your interest in a destination is unique. Whether your goal is to capture that single sunset photo for social media, or to deep dive into local culture, history, and cuisine, we help you accommodate those goals with an appropriate schedule. Too little time in a location may leave you feeling rushed or overwhelmed, while too much time can feel like a wasted opportunity.

We often recommend a balance between seeing the sights and relaxing to let it all soak in, between guided excursions and time to wander about on your own. Days planned for each destination of your trip will be based on your interests, mobility and what unique gems the location has to offer. We leverage our own travel experiences to include little-known stops and out-of-the-way locales that you might not find in tour books or websites.

We provide this service to you without commitment nor obligation on your part, confident that the competitive pricing available through Colletts Travel allows us to offer great service and fantastic value. 

The selection of airlines and hotels can make all the difference to a successful trip. We have booked flights at all tiers of service and we provide tips on how best to use airline amenities at various airports.

Once at your destination, perhaps you prefer a top tier hotel with amenities such as in-room dining and spa. Or maybe your tastes lean to a small boutique hotel with charm or quirkiness. Perhaps you are looking for seclusion.  Or maybe you want to be within walking distance of major attractions or shopping. We recommend hotels to suit your style and your budget.

Once you have chosen the airlines and hotels, we can advise the holiday package price, which at this stage is subject to availability at the time of booking.

Once you have decided to proceed, we will ask for a deposit as required by the airlines and hotels to confirm their bookings. The invoice will be issued by Colletts Travel and we request you pay to that account.  That ensures your money is protected.  We will advise when the balance is due in accordance with our suppliers’ policies. 

You don’t have to search the internet, deal with multiple internet booking sites, collate the confirmation emails and keep track of all the correspondence. We save you hours of tedious work. We handle all the administration and compile a packet of documents into one handy dossier.

We liaise with hotels, tour operators and transport both at home and overseas to ensure accuracy and inform them of your special requests.  We ensure your guide understands the need for flexibility and is prepared to adapt the tour to your wishes.

Should your plans be delayed or disrupted prior to departure, we assist with information and travel changes for the entire trip (in compliance with the airline or hotel policies).

We like to meet prior to departure to walk through your itinerary. We provide you with a dossier containing your detailed itinerary, contact numbers, maps, and travel documents. We want to ensure everything is covered and give you an opportunity to ask questions, so you are comfortable about all aspects of your journey.

Please don’t forget that we’re available throughout your holiday.  You’ll often have a guide and a local contact number at your destination, but you’re always welcome to contact us back at Kew Bridge by email, WhatsApp or Messenger, even if it’s just to recommend a restaurant or a bit of local shopping.

In the event that something needs adjusting, we’ve got you covered and we’re able to call on the worldwide resources of Colletts Travel to step in as needed.

We love to hear about your holiday and see your travel photos. We won’t send you a corporate questionnaire or request a Trustpilot review.  We simply love travel and want to know what YOU loved and what could be improved. Your feedback helps us monitor performance of local guides and tour operators and helps us improve future trips for other clients. And when we help create your next journey, we’ll better understand what inspires you!