About Kew Bridge Travel

Kew Bridge Travel is a travel advisor, tour organiser and travel agent, specialising in tailor-made bespoke tours to worldwide destinations.

As an independent company, we can book with international airlines, hotels and cruise lines, and work with tour operators at home and abroad, to select the best suppliers for each element of your holiday.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation, saving you hours searching and booking your holiday.  You pay no extra to use our service because our income will be paid by our business partners.  In fact, you are likely to save money because we have access to deals and preferential rates.

Kew Bridge Travel is an affiliate of Colletts Travel, one of the UK’s most respected luxury travel agencies and itself part of the Internova Travel Group.  The partnership ensures access to expert knowledge, the latest travel technology, and the most competitive rates, to provide you with truly fantastic value, wherever you travel in the world.

John Coles’ Story

I travel with a sense of curiosity and a desire to understand how geography and nature, history and culture have created our world, gifting us the opportunity to experience such a rich diversity of places and people. 

Travel was a feature of my career and a passion that has shaped my life… and it still does!

I grew up in the seventies.  An era of moon landings, the Harrier jump-jet and the Concorde.  The quest for discovery and the thrill of innovation steered me towards a career in aeronautical engineering, a truly global industry, which soon opened my eyes to international travel.

I remember my first business trips to the stately grandeur of Washington DC, and the colourful chaos of Seoul.  Later, on a trip to Singapore, I was introduced to Eleanor who would later become my wife.  Our cross-cultural marriage forged an inquisitive outlook and a desire to explore the world. 

We arranged holidays in faraway places on all seven continents and shared magical experiences: walking alongside devotees around the Barkhor circuit in Lhasa, driving across the majestic Rocky Mountains under the winter’s first snowfall, stepping ashore on South Georgia to be greeted by twenty thousand king penguins.

Memories of holidays with my late wife are my most treasured possessions and prompted me to establish my company, Kew Bridge Travel, in September 2018.  I want to work with my clients to create their own unforgettable inspiring journeys.  I love the satisfaction of hearing about your holiday and sharing the joy of your special moments.

John Coles

Founder, Kew Bridge Travel

Kew Bridge Travel Club

Do you share our sense of curiosity? Do you enjoy hearing stories from other travellers and picking up ideas for your next trip? Then please join the Kew Bridge Travel Club. 

We meet for social events in West London which embrace the theme of international travel.

We often invite a guest from the travel industry to join our lunch and tell us about interesting places, unique travel experiences, and share their own travel stories.

Twice each year we host a coffee morning where a tour operator makes a presentation on a destination, giving an insight into where and when to visit, and offering practical travel advice.

Lunch with Sina Hotels
Lunch with Valentina from Sina Hotels, Italy
Coffee Morning
Coffee morning with Paul from Giltedge, South Africa

Everyone is welcome, especially solo travellers and we endeavour to create a warm, friendly and inclusive environment. 

Interested in joining this group?

Kew Bridge Travel Supports

Richmond Literary Lunches

Kew Bridge Travel is delighted to be supporting Richmond Literary Lunches, a society which invites authors to speak about their works and share their creativity with readers and friends, while enjoying a pleasant lunch or dinner.

RLL features a broad brush of authors and our sponsorship enables them to invite authors from further afield. 

The events are held quarterly at Old Deer Park with magnificent views, to Kew Gardens, to the Pagoda, and over two golf courses.

For more information on Richmond Literary Lunches

Sarcoma UK

We pledge to donate 5% of our annual profit to the charity Sarcoma UK.

Sarcomas are rare cancers that can affect any part of the body, including muscle, bone, and fatty tissues.  Sarcoma UK is funding research, developing better treatments, and providing information and comfort to sarcoma patients and their families.

Book with Kew Bridge Travel and you’ll contribute towards this worthy cause.

To learn more about Sarcoma UK