Travel Journal

Going Ashore in Lisbon.

By Vicki Newport, December 2021.

I was excited to dock overnight in Lisbon, my first visit to Portugal. This beautiful city captured my heart, becoming one of my favourite places.

A short walk from the port, I discovered a burst of red-tiled buildings, Gothic towers and old church domes set over the steep hillside. One of the oldest and most characterful districts, Alfama was a maze of narrow cobbled streets with colourful traditional houses.

I took a photographic walking tour to explore the narrow alleys and learn more about the colourful art on the white wall facades. The beautiful view after climbing lots of steps was definitely worth it! I also enjoyed the classic route 28 tram which passes through Lisbon’s historic districts – one of the city’s best tours!

We ended the day immersing ourselves in a new culture, tasting the food and enjoying a drink in the old town to the sounds of expressive and melancholy Fado music in a local restaurant. A memorable experience, looking forward to returning soon to Lisbon.